How Can I Advocate for Autistic/Neurodivergent People?

February 13, 2024 Northwing Digital

 Being an Advocate for Autistic &   Neurodivergent People


If you want to be an advocate, you can educate yourself about people on the spectrum and learn more about their challenges and supports.


– We recommend getting to know the Autism Society of Minnesota ( or the Autism Society ( For more about mental-health issues, check out the National Alliance on Mental Illness (

– Look at ways your own community may already be supporting the neurodiverse population. You might find lectures or other educational opportunities, for example, or autism movie nights. Find plays and other performances geared toward the neurodiverse. Have any local authors written about the topic of autism, for either adults or children?

– Volunteer for organizations that support neurodiversity. If you’re interested in Bridging Hearts and any volunteer opportunities we have available, follow this link:

– Donate financially to organizations like ours. If you’d like to learn more about donating to us, please click here: