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how it works

We are a local non-profit online social network created to connect young adults with learning differences. Activities are available to meet online friends. Bridging Hearts will provide and maintain a supportive community where everyone feels valued.

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making a difference

Bridging Hearts has had such a positive impact on Andy’s life that it is difficult to express it fully. The group has given him the opportunity to belong, and to be respected, and to feel part of something. My favorite aspect of Bridging Hearts is that it is driven by the members. These are very capable people who don’t always get the chance to direct how they want to spend their time. I can honestly say that Bridging Hearts has increased Andy’s self-determination, connectedness to others, and overall enjoyment of life.

My mom introduced me to Bridging Hearts because she wanted me to have more friends. I am a member now. I am very glad to have met more people like me. People with learning disabilities often find social situations daunting and challenging.

This month we are celebrating 14 years of membership for our daughter, Kelly, with Bridging Hearts. It has been a truly life-changing opportunity for her! Kelly was an isolated, depressed and anxious young adult with nowhere to turn for friendship and a social life…until we found Bridging Hearts.

Bridging Hearts has added a new dimension to my son’s life. The transition out of school and into young adulthood can be extremely lonely for adults with developmental differences. My son Sam is very socially motivated but did not have a niche that fit him socially. He loves Bridging Hearts!

To say that Bridging Hearts has been a lifesaver for our son would be an understatement. Before finding BH, our son was so lonely and feeling so isolated that he told us he would rather be dead than continue on as is. The thing about Bridging Hearts is that it is for young adults who are too high functioning for traditional special services, yet do not fit the mold of the mainstream either. In other words, they are in a rare lonely middle. Bridging Hearts has filled a void for so many wonderful, deserving young adults…enriching their lives with activities, connection and most importantly, meaningful friendships.

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Consider Giving

Your donation helps us provide opportunities for young adults with learning differences who are isolated and lonely connect with others like themselves.

Everyone deserves to have a friend.

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