What Are the Benefits of Community for Autistic/Neurodiverse Individuals?

February 13, 2024 Northwing Digital

 Community benefits for Autistic &   Neurodiverse Individuals


Many people who have ASD or are neurodiverse may find socializing to be taxing and difficult to adapt to. If this describes you, you’re not alone! Perhaps you prefer to socialize in smaller settings, mainly online, or with others who share your diagnosis or special interests. Maybe you’d simply like to meet people who are similar to you and who celebrate your differences. Or you may want social opportunities that feel safe and that serve your particular needs. Bridging Hearts—and other communities like ours—are safe spaces for neurodiverse adults who want to branch out socially and feel connected to others.

We take pride in providing a mix of virtual and in-person events for neurodiverse individuals ages 19 and older in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area, as well as in Duluth, Minnesota. Bridging Hearts is a place to meet others, make friends, and explore new ways to be social. Having meaningful relationships and a community you can call your own is so important to your well-being. Please consider joining us!