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Lives are transformed when you have a friend. Read on...

My daughter has been a member now for almost 3 years. She has a greater social life than my children with out disabilities. This non-profit organization has been a blessing.These wonderful young adults have all been thru struggles their entire life...

Laurie K

There is nothing more motivating for young people with intellectual disabilities than developing new relationships leading to lifelong friends. You care more about yourself when people care about you! Members learn more about themselves and develop their passions. Bridging Hearts delivers awesome quality experiences ensuring the health, welfare and safety of vulnerable adults.

John S

I have Joined Bridging Hearts in 2009, my Mom found the group for me to make new friends, cause my old friends were too busy to hang out and had kids. My mom passed away with Cancer in November of 2009 the year I joined. I am glad some of you got to meet her. Since then I have been very happy with the group and made some awesome friends. I have hosted alot of parties for everyone in the group specially my famous Halloween and Pumpkin Carving Parties.

I have found the love of my life in this group and have been happily married for almost 2 years now, couldn't be happier. I live with my dad and husband Brian and 3 cats. This is an exciting group and I love it so far. I will even be a volunteer when I turn 40. This has been a fun experience for me and I am glad to have amazing friends like all of you :).

Nicole B.

I heard about this group from my therapist, i move out to Minnesota 2 years ago, when i moved out here i had no hopes of getting a job, i had no friends or anyone to talk to, to me its really hard to make new friends, i suffer from anxiety and depression and its tough to get myself out there. i joined this group 4 months ago and since then i feel apart of something and feel great meeting people i can relate and connect to.

Joe T

Not only does it benefit members, their families are impacted too. It is such a relief to know my sister has friends she texts, goes to the movies, and eats dinner with on a regular basis. These are all people she met through Bridging Hearts. Without this organization, I know her life would be very different...and mine too.

Kelsey N

For young adults with an autism spectrum condition, loneliness can be devastating and sad. When you simply want to be accepted, when you simply want to be someone among your peers, autism spectrum issues can make social interaction particularly challenging and daunting. And you experience a crushing sense of loneliness.Bridging Hearts is making a world of difference for our son. He is now accepted, and is fully engaging in social activities, great conversations and, most important, genuine, warm friendships with good friends. Bridging Hearts has changed his life.

We wish for all the very best for Bridging Hearts.

Bobbi & Harvey R

Since I became a member of Bridging Hearts in 2009, I have experienced friendship with new and wonderful friends. For me, BH is a community. I value being part of BH from my home in California. Technology is especially important for me because it is my link to everyone I know in BH. Technology helps me stay in touch so that I can continue to be part of this great group of friends.

Andrew R

To say that Bridging Hearts has been a lifesaver for our son would be an understatement. Before finding BH, our son was so lonely and feeling so isolated that he told us he would rather be dead than continue on as is. The thing about Bridging Hearts is that it is for young adults who are too high functioning for traditional special services, yet do not
fit the mold of the mainstream either. In other words, they are in a rare lonely middle. Bridging Hearts has filled a void for so many wonderful, deserving young adults...enriching their lives with activities,connection and most importantly, meaningful friendships.

Audrey C.

Bridging Hearts is a wonderful non-profit that utilizes a thriving online community and in-person events to connect differently-abled adults within the Twin Cities area. I volunteered for Bridging Hearts last summer, and I was blown away by how kind and friendly the members were. I loved attending their member get-togethers (like a BBQ outside with games and a class with a fabulous sushi chef teaching them how to make sushi); it was evident from the interactions I saw between members and their families that this organization has really brought together a caring community that is unified in their experiences. It is rare to find an organization that addresses this specific need for supporting high-functioning adults, and the members and their families are incredibly passionate about Bridging Hearts. Bridging Hearts has given so much to its members, families, and volunteers; it is so powerful to see the members grow as they begin to engage in a social life they feel like they are comfortable and happy in. I am very thankful for the time I have spent with the Bridging Hearts community!


Bridging hearts brings together a community of young people that need social interaction but don't have an easy way to find each other. This is a nearly invisible under served community that would surely have their needs fall through the cracks without the unsung efforts and supportive community of Bridging Hearts. This non-profit organization is building relationships and providing the friendships that give life purpose and a reason for looking forward.

Sherri W

My son joined Bridging Hearts about a year ago. Being timid at first, he was slow to get started with his involvement. Now it has become his lifeline. Because he doesn't drive, he spends hours on-line keeping in touch and visiting with the friends he has made. He also tries to attend every function--has eagerly anticipated each one and has been totally excited about the wonderful time he's had at each! As a parent, it is wonderful to see him finally have friends and socialize. Life can be very lonely and isolated for those with special needs, which impacts the whole family. What a burden has been removed for my husband and me, not to have to be our son's sole friends, and plan and provide his social life!! Bridging Hearts has provided a safe, caring, comfortable, FUN opportunity for my son and I can't convey how thankful we are.

Claire M

He (my son) used to be home and isolated all the time. He felt he didn’t fit in anywhere. Then his counselor recommended the Bridging Hearts group to us and he signed up. In this group, Brian finally felt he belonged somewhere. He attend events, made friends and eventually met the love of his life. Brian is now married to Nicole and they have a great life together. Their social calendar centers around the friends they have made in Bridging Hearts.


Bridging Hearts has added a new dimension to my son’s life. The transition out of school and into young adulthood can be extremely lonely for adults with developmental differences. My son Sam is very socially motivated but did not have a niche that fit him socially. He loves Bridging Hearts!


My son is a new member of Bridging Hearts and, despite the fact he has only been to two events so far, I immediately observed him connecting with the other members in a way that I had not seen before. As a parent, that was really wonderful to watch! Bridging Hearts provides a means of providing social interaction, social education and confidence-building for a group of young adults that typically struggle mightily--an area that most of us take for granted. It is a great organization that is really effective in its work!

Scott M

Bridging Hearts is a lifeline for our son that connects him to acceptance from peers in a fun and social way that he has not had in his adult life. Until Bridging Hearts, my son had no social activity outside of family events. He enjoys the activities so much.

Elaine D

Our daughter is a member of Bridging Hearts. I have seen it enrich her life and soften her heart. She has built relationships with peers that helps her feel more mainstream and independent. From a parent’s perspective; the thought of my child being lonely and detached worries me more than any other aspect of her disability. Bridging Hearts has lifted that dark cloud and offers the hope of a future with friends and meaningful relationships.

Ron W

This month we are celebrating 7 years of membership for our daughter, Kelly, with Bridging Hearts. It has been a truly life-changing opportunity for her! Kelly was an isolated, depressed and anxious young adult with nowhere to turn for friendship and a social life...until we found Bridging Hearts

Steve & Andi M

Bridging Hearts has greatly enriched my son's life. Living with a learning disability is a very lonely life challenge. Bridging Hearts has been a positive influence both socially and emotionally. The activities offered provide fun and support not only for the young adult members, but also for their parents. It provides an essential service that has been missing for many years in our communities. Bridging Hearts is a wonderful organization!

Jill R

My mom introduced me to Bridging Hearts because she wanted me to have more friends. I am a member now. I am very glad to have met more people like me. People with learning disabilities often find social situations daunting and challenging.

Sam H